When I travel I often try to fit in some marketplace visits as I always love the characters you get at a market. No matter where you are in the world market sellers seem to be a certain type of person: They seek a conversation and are generally more confident/cocky. I also love food and so seeing food being sold, haggled over and cooked on the streets means I am in my element in a market. The sights, sounds and smells of a market are not always pleasant but they do give you a quick and intense immersion into the local culture and cuisine.

Here are some images from two quite different Balinese marketplaces. The first set comes from Candi-Kuning, a marketplace in Bedugal. This used to be a traditional market but has now become a tourist draw:

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The second set of images comes from a traditional marketplace in Sukawati. This marketplace is not touristy at all. I had to get there at 6am as by 8am the action is over. A huge sprawl of sellers at stands, sellers on the floor, sellers sat on the walls:

balibali (1 of 15)balibali (3 of 15)

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