At the end of December I spent time Whitstable, Kent (UK). Most of my time was focused within a very small stretch of beach. As part of a retreat with Katharine May we were encouraged to really focus in on the smaller details around us in nature that we might otherwise miss – and not only the sights, but the sounds, the scents, the textures, the way different surfaces would feel under our hands and feet. Here are some images I took to keep as part of my visual diary.

At first glance the beach seemed a mass of beige, brown and red. Up close nearly every colour of the rainbow was present in the stones and shells and remains left by the fishing industry.
Spectacular sunset on 29 December 2022. I found myself fascinated by the way the light would make the waves appear like gleaming knives cutting the shore.
The beach we spent so much time on in Whitstable was one regularly frequented by people (including us of course!).
Seaweed dancing in the wind. All about the texture.
Oyster shells
Sometimes the winter light made things look almost monochrome.
Winter skies heavy with patterns and life