From 2015 until August of 2019, I worked full-time as the Communications Manager for All We Can, an amazing charity doing transformative work around the world. All views in this blog are my own, but I am also going to share some imagery and experiences from my last few months working for All We Can. I still support the organisation as a regular giver even though I have now moved professionally to a new organisation.To find out more about All We Can and to support the wonderful work in some of the world’s poorest communities visit the website here.

In August 2019, I started working at The Elders and photography is not really a major part of my work so moving forward (hello 2020!) I will be doing more personal photography projects which I am excited about.

In 2019, I was also blessed to be able to travel once more back to my beloved Sierra Leone. I hope to return in 2021. I can’t imagine not wanting to travel there again – it has become a second home.

Land that we love… The beautiful white sand of Tokeh Beach in Sierra Leone.

Small catch – local girls from Tokeh sort through the ‘sweet fish’

Bringing home the catch, Tokeh Beach in Sierra Leone

KK and the Girl’s Surf School at Bureh Beach (with thanks also to Black Girl Surf)

KK enjoying the waves at Bureh Beach (with thanks also to Black Girl Surf)

The talented KK waxes her board, Bureh Beach, Sierra Leone.

Learning with Rohingya women and girls in one of All We Can’s funded safe-spaces in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

A privilege to have worked for All We Can for 9.5yrs in total – end of an era.

Rohingya girls learning English in Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh

A little girl looks out to sea, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

And finishing with an image from my own home county of my family… Because there is no place like home!