There are certain things that I end up focusing on through my camera lens when I travel. One of those things is a person’s hands.

We live out our lives through our hands. The touch of someone’s hands can stir our soul, we can hold a flower gently in our palms or grasp a child’s hand tightly as we cross a busy road with them. Rough hands speak of a life of labour and soft hands of pampering and potions. Old hands tell a life story with their lines and young hands, plump and chubby, express their emotions with waves and twists of drama. Hands are used to dance, to instruct. We bejewel hands with rings and bracelets, with henna and ink, with flowers or varnish. Hands are always a wonderful source of inspiration.

So today I am going to celebrate hands, some were taken when I was a freelancer and others while working with the wonderful All We Can. They have a great feed over on Instagram @allwecanuk too where you can see more imagery from around the world.