Since 2015 I have worked full-time as the Communications Manager for All We Can, an amazing charity doing transformative work around the world. All views in this blog are my own, but I am going to share some imagery and experiences from my year with All We Can as I do not simply choose to work for the organisation – I love what we collectively do. My photography is just part of my job – but still one of my favourite parts! What a privilege to get to listen to and share the stories I do. To find out more about All We Can and to support the wonderful work in some of the world’s poorest communities visit the website here.

Zimbabwe – This was my first visit to Zimbabwe, and what a time to go. In January 2017 the country was in the grip of economic and political turmoil. I also witnessed such beauty, such courage and such tenacity though as I met ordinary men and women in Gokwe doing extraordinary things.

Sudzalr (1 of 1)

Two boys eat Sadza in Gokwe, Zimbabwe.

Angelalr (1 of 1)

Angela cooks maize for her family in Gokwe, Zimbabwe


By-Grace tries out her best chicken impression for All We Can’s Harvest Appeal poster shot



Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards

I was humbled and blown-away to win an award at this prestigious event in 2017. Especially because the image was taken on a mobile phone (you don’t always need a fancy SLR folks!) and because the image was taken in Cameroon for All We Can.


Image taken in Cameroon of Diana and Nina waiting for stew

Malawi – In November 2017, I was able to return to the ‘warm heart of Africa’, Malawi. I went to the southern district of Nsanje and learnt about the impact of climate change on village communities All We Can is supporting. I am not able to share many of these images yet so will attach two ‘from the road’ taken on my phone – but if you would like to see lots more then I encourage you to follow All We Can on social media @allwecanuk and in 2018 more will be revealed! I enjoyed being back in Malawi immensely – people always host so well, there is often that real generosity of spirit. The heavy rains made for a challenging trip though.


Children sneaking a peak of me at work through a hole in the metal door of a compound.


We drove past this tree every day – this road sums up much of the beauty of Southern Africa… Those wide open roads, the red soil, the blue endless skies.

I would like to thank everyone who still faithfully follows my blog – thank you for your love, support and interest. May 2018 be a good one for you all.