Today is always a very special day for me. One where we focus on the women of the world – a group that makes up 50% of our global society and yet in nearly every country and society in the world still falls behind. Women are amazing, in my own work I get to meet some fabulous women. Today I want to tell you about one of the most inspiring women in my life – Sharon Reed.

shazzaI met Sharon when she and I were both Global Community Champions for the United Nations (UN) Empower Women team, she served with me and some of my other wonderful colleagues as co-architect of the award-winning social media campaign, #iamwoman. Sharon also runs a inspiring project called the Global Girls Project which can be found HERE – visit to explore a collection of stories that just leap of the screen and make you want to go out and change the world for girls and young women! Sharon has won numerous awards for her work and is just generally fabulous.

Today, on this Day for Women, I want to promote a new book that Sharon has authored. I am not being paid to write this review and nor am I having gun held to my head (Sharon is not that kinda girl!). I am writing this little review because not only do I love who Sharon is but I love this book!

Walking the Heart Path is collection of heartfelt wisdom for every woman and girl aspiring to find her own voice and realize her fullest potential.

sharon19Sometimes the most powerful words are not those shouted at us in a crowded auditorium as a motivational speaker goes wild. Sometimes the most powerful words are those whispered gently when we sit alone with a good book in our hands. Walking The Heart Path quietly weaves such words into a beautiful picture of what it means to live authentically, humbly and with kindness.

This is not a book to be read through once, rather it reminds me of my mother’s ‘magical jar’ of buttons that I would dip in to as a child. Every time I looked I would find a new treasure to trap between my palms, to look at and think about. The same can be said of this book, it is full of simple nuggets of truth that can be enjoyed time and time again.

This is the sort of book to buy for yourself as a book to dip in and out of as a source of inspiration, or one to buy for the awesome women in your life. To get a copy visit the Amazon page HERE

Have a wonderful Women’s Day folks.