I am currently travelling in Ethiopia. Today’s postcards come from the capital city Addis Ababa. Yesterday my husband and I enjoyed a city-based food tour with Addis Eats. The food tour served as an excellent introduction to a city rightfully proud of its culinary heritage.

A food tour to Ethiopia would not be complete without the inclusion of injera. Injera is a savoury and spongy flat bread made with teff flour. It is used as the base for sauces and small dishes which are then poured on it. Injera is surprisingly filling and provides not only an accompaniment to the meal but also takes away the need for cutlery or utensils as you use your fingers to carefully scoop and wrap the spicy sauces on top.

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We ate our injera with Shiro, a delicious chickpea powder-based dish, slow-cooked with Ethiopia’s popular red berbere sauce. The Shiro sauce takes at least 40 minutes to slow cook and must be carefully turned and stirred over a low heat.

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Dinner is served, injera and the Shiro dish. Scrumptious!

Visiting Ethiopia and want to get a taste for the city – check out Addis Eats, the husband and I could not recommend more and I will be posting more photographs from our tour in coming days.