I am not going to write anything particularly political here. The relatively recently established state (formerly part of Bihar) of Jharkhand is dominated by the highly mechanised, open cast coal-mining operations. During my time in Jharkhand filming and photographing with All We Can* I had the opportunity to visit one of these mines. Such mines are a collection of contrasts; bright saris sway in the jet black coal fields, sweat and manual labour set against huge machines, legal and illegal money making work side-by-side. I simply had the chance to observe and my observations are simple:

  1. I am blessed to be born into a part of the world where I do not have to consider this as my only choice for employment. It is difficult, dangerous and dirty work.
  2. The men and women of the mines graft incredibly hard.
  3. Red and pink saris may look beautiful set against the black coal but there is nothing romantic about coal-mining.

It is always a privilege to be reminded of what life is for so many around the world. The hardships, blisters and rough hands gained to earn a simple living. I am not going to caption the photos today but I thank every individual pictured here who allowed me to share in their morning labour.

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*All views expressed here are my own and do not represent the views of All We Can.