Today I am sat wistfully look out the window at a cold, snow-covered United Kingdom thinking of warm beaches and bonfire nights around the world:

Bonfire Nights

Sweet bonfire nights soaking in sea and salt
in the smoky air our laughter hangs
like morning dew on draping palm leaves.
The heat of flames licks the soles of my feet,
leg slung loosely over yours
drinking in the sunset.

Giddy dusk light dances on flushed faces
what days are these hanging on to youth
hands holding onto champagne glasses that chink.
Powered sand sifts between toes as I laugh,
Stars spin stories above us
the heavens applaud in glee.

I lay me down as the waves come crashing in
crackling fire and slide of easy surf
nature’s opus lulling me to sleep in waves.
Skin baked in light and warmth cast by embers,
I close my eyes in lazy submission
Sinking into a bed of sand.