I like looking for patterns and textures to photograph. Sometimes these things simply go into a sketch pad to act as inspiration in the future, sometimes they work well as individual images, sometimes they just remind me of a time or a place. All serve a purpose no matter how big or small. Sometimes the beauty is in the details.

Here are some images to sum up some of the patterns and textures I came across in West Scotland on the mainland, Mull and Skye:

scotlandbestbeach!firstcoast (19 of 20)-2

Pebbles so smooth and sand so white

scotlandbestbeach!firstcoast (15 of 20)-2

I never thought of seaweed as beautiful before Scotland

skyegamesandskyns (14 of 34)

Sheep everywhere and so lots of wool too!

skyegamesandskyns (13 of 34)

Brushing and cleaning the wool

skyegamesandskyns (6 of 34)

Heard the phrase ‘on tender hooks’? This is sheep skin hanging on tender hooks!

iona (23 of 23)

Lobster pots – so many communities still make their living from the sea.

iona (3 of 23)-2

Beautiful colours on Iona

mullday3wm (25 of 52)

More wool! Ready for weaving

mullday3watermarked (23 of 52)

Wool on the loom