I am starting a new word based blog on my (second) time living in Sierra Leone. This will be a fairly personal account of my life in Sweet Salone and quite different to my photo based blog at http://www.thethingwithfeathers.net but want to post this article here for fans of my photography should they wish to delve further into my life in Salone.

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It would be far easier for me to stay away from Sierra Leone. I begin this journal at the start of an adventure in Sweet Salone but this is not my first fling with the country. My original visit here was in 2011 and was fleeting, my second lasted seven months and ended abruptly and with many tears shed in March 2014. To stay away would be the comfortable option. Perhaps I will share some of what happened during those seven months at some point but for now I am going to close a door on it. I mention it here though as all new beginnings follow an end and it is our past mistakes, trials, tribulations and joys that frame how we move forward in this life.

‘God put the place in my heart’ is such a clichéd expression that Christians love to throw about but as with all…

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