In celebration of finally shifting the flu I have been struck down with for the past ten days I thought I would put up some foody images from my recent trip to India. Having my appetite back got me thinking about curries!

I love going to markets, they are probably my favourite places to spend time when in a new place. Indian markets have a definite style all of their own and markets in Tamil Nadu ooze with colour. The stalls of fruit and vegetables spill out on the streets and narrow pathways allow you to move between vendors pushing their goods. Thanjavur has a small market by Indian standards but specialises in the food needed for delicious Tamil Nadu dishes. Southern Indian dishes are known for their spices; cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg among many others and the area is also famous for the availability of coconut, a wide variety of fishes and root tubers. Here are some of my images from a morning stroll around the market in November 2012:

LauraCookIndiaMarket (3)

Welcome to the Thanjavur food market. Most locals get there early to grab the best deals.

Tomatoes anyone?

Tomatoes anyone?